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Documents provides a possibility to setup 2-way synchronization with any other web storage service you’ve connected to. This is extremely useful when you add a new file, say, to a Dropbox folder and it appears right on your device. This way, you can sync iPad and iPhone with a cloud storage.

How to sync Google Drive or Dropbox folder

Once you've connected to a web storage service, navigate to the folder you'd like to sync with and open it.

Tap Sync at the top to enable 2-way sync with this folder and confirm the sync by tapping Sync This Folder.

Once the sync is completed the full copy of this folder will be available under the Synced folders tab in Documents.

Attention: Documents will sync the entire storage content if you tap sync in the root folder of your account. It is recommended to sync with one specific folder to make the sync fast and reliable.

Automatic Sync

Automatic sync is enabled by default. However, you can disable it, re-enable or allow Documents to sync automatically only for Wi-Fi Internet connection:

  1. Go to Settings in Documents;
  2. Tap Sync;
  3. Choose Wi-Fi Only

To turn off Automatic Sync tap Disabled.

Note: When automatic sync is enabled Documents will check all sync folders every 10 minutes and update the data if there are any changes in the storage service or on iPad.

Manual Sync

When automatic sync is disabled you can establish sync manually.

To sync manually:

  1. Go to the Synced folders tab;
  2. Tap over the sync folder;
  3. Select Sync Now.

The folder will be synced immediately. Moreover, you can set sync on pause by tapping Pause Sync.

Disable Sync

To disable sync for a certain folder:

  1. Go to the Synced folders tab;
  2. Tap over the sync folder;
  3. Tap Delete.

The local copy of the sync folder will be deleted from Documents, while the folder on the cloud service remains unchanged.